ALERT: I am currently working full-time on a kite show for Disney's Animal Kingdom, and am currently unable to ship out packages daily. Please be advised that I will only be able to ship out packages one day per week. Communication with me either on Facebook or through Email will also be subject to delays. Sorry for the inconvenience. -- John Lutter, Owner of Kite Stop.

Customer Testimonials

We love to hear from our customers. Here is what some of them have said about Kite Stop.
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From Facebook -- Loved the shop. Awesome selection and reasonably priced. Very friendly atmosphere.

By Laurie D.

From Facebook -- Great store! Lots of fun toys for kids big and small!

By Laurence S.

From Facebook -- My Husband and I moved to the area in October 2015. We have been wanting to stop in here for a while. Today we stopped in, and left with two kites!!! The owner was very nice, and knowledgeable!! We will be back in for sure!!!!! What a wonderful place to go into and browse. This little shop packs a big punch for a kite enthusiast!!!!! There is so much more than kites to look at also!!!! Thank You, for a wonderful shopping experience!!!

By Michelle S.

From Facebook -- Awesome shop and knowledgeable owner! .... Thanks John for making Titusville the home of our own Kite Stop shop!.... Best of luck!

By James A.

From Google -- This store was amazing! Way more than just high quality kites. There is all kinds of super cool stuff cram packed in there. From yo yos to rubber band guns. If you have kids or just like fun, you will find lots to buy. I will be back soon!

By Brett E.

From Google -- Outstanding shop! We stumbled upon it by accident and were pleasantly surprised at what we found. We walked out with a really nice kite and a boomerang, as well as recommendations for places to visit around the area. Everyone there was extremely nice and very helpful.

By Eric B.

From Google -- Best place in town for kites and more. Prices vary from $1 to $200, you won't be able to make your mind. Best hobby ever...

By Alexis C.

From Google -- Great service, nice selection and top rate knowledge.

By Aaron L.

From Google -- Very good kite store. Lots of selection... John was very friendly.

By old1950chevy

From Google -- This shop is very customer friendly. They always answer emails very promptly. John delivers what he promises. And he is very helpful with any situation that might arrise. I would not hesitate to purchase from John. I also like the discounts, very nice.

By Harvey T

Via Google -- I have nothing but great things to say about Kite Stop. I bought my mom a hummingbird garden charm for her birthday. I did a lot of shopping around online before I purchased it, but Kite Stop had the best price. The charm was well made, arrived quickly and my mom was absolutely thrilled with it.

By Stephanie, Indiana

Via Google -- Great selection of high quality kites, fast shipping and great customer service! If you're looking for a kite, I high recommend Kite Stop.

By Kim, Maryland

Via Google -- I had a great experience buying my kite from the Kite Shop! Great price, speedy delivery, and exceptional, personalized customer service. Absolute recommend!

By Hannah, British Columbia

Via Google -- Very good company to deal with. They sell very good quality kites!

By Jason S.

Did I ever thank you for your prompt delivery of these kites? The girls & I had a blast & my 5 year old LOVED the fairy kite.  At one point she was flying the kite by herself & she was yelling “I’m doin’ it! I’m flying a kite all by myself and it’s not a dream!”.  You made our weekend and I’m thrilled that they like doing this as much as I do.  We lent our kites to some other friends and all of us had a blast during the weekend.  Thank you again.

By Syed, Wyoming

My family went to the beach for the week, and my oldest daughter had a great time flying the kite. It was a great experience sharing that with my daughter.

By Bryan, Pennsylvania

It was almost impossible to find time to have that much fun, but I did. I went out on a Sunday, and I began to fly my kite for the first time ever and I loved it.

By Demarrio, Wisconsin

Our flying cow was the hit for Christmas! My two children love it. Of course the are huge Mary Poppins fans too. It is very easy to put together and fly. Thank you for a great product!

By Peter, Florida

I bought the kite for my grandson but my son was the one who played with it most! It was a wonderful kite. It worked perfectly, went way high, and was easy to manipulate. Thank you!

By Gene, Florida

Great kite and impressive in the air. Being an engineer I love the "geometry".

By Edward, New Hampshire

Bought it as a wedding gift, card along with it said, "Go Fly a Kite".  They loved it.

By John, Montana

The kite looks great and is easy to assemble. Now it's just up to the pilot to get his act together!

By David, Florida

I have very much enjoyed flying the kite, even tough I am still something of a novice. It is very absorbing and fun. Thanks!

By Jeanette, Florida

Your kites were a totally awesome addition to my 50th birthday kite-flying party at the beach. Everyone at the party loved your kites. I will certainly order from you again.

By Lori, Georgia

Thank you so much for supplying us with such a beautiful kite for our beautiful little girl. She loves it.

By Sonia, California

The kite and glider are flying well. I appreciate the follow up and your quick resolution to the issue I had with the glider. I would highly recommend your company.

By Scott, Florida

The kites were a big hit to my grandson and his Dad, who I visited in Thailand. One day one of the kites decided it wanted to rest on top of their two story house and it couldn't be coaxed down. We had to get an 17 foot long bamboo poll to get it down. My son in law enjoyed the stunt kite and my 4 year old grandson was thrilled with the macaw.

By Marty, California

Me and my girlfriend love the Prism Quantum. The first two times, there wasn't really enough steady wind, so it would only fly for 20-30 second before descending. However, last weekend, there was quite some strong wind in Hunters Creek, so we had a blast flying the kite for about 2 hours.

By Michael, Florida

Our grandsons truly enjoyed the kites. They were a little leery at first,as they had bad experiences with kites in the past. But once their dad set one up both boys couldn't wait to use them on their own, they had a ball! One of them even rode his bike while flying the kite and his brother rode his skateboard and kept his kite flying.

By Patty, Florida

The kites were for my younger siblings and they just loved them. The day after Christmas they took them outside to fly. I am very happy with them.

By Kelsey, Pennsylvania

It was the hit of the holiday. We were in Destin with very cold weather but great wind. They raved about how easy it was to fly and how high it got. Thanks so much for picking the right kite.

By Judy, Florida

It is a fantastic kite with a wonderfully long tail. First time we used it, it was perhaps TOO windy. Love it.

By John, California

All three of the kites are awesome. The tails make them really shine. Thanks.

By Sonia, Florida

We just took the kite out for the first time yesterday on a perfect day. My five year old daughter did the best at flying it the longest.

By Lisa, California

We love our kite! In fact, my husband is out flying it right now! Best gift I have ever given him.

By Amy, Colorado

We finally put the kite in action this past week while we were vacationing at the beach in Port Aransas, TX. It was a huge hit! The kite was beautiful.

By JoVaughn, Texas

I received the kite very quickly and in great condition. It was a present for my dad for his 60th birthday and he was quite excited about it.

By Martha, Washington DC

The kite works fine. The perfect size for hauling around in a pack. I took it on a backpacking trip to Isle Royale National Park last week and had the opportunity to fly on Mount Siskiwit.

By Mike, Illinois

From Yelp -- I do quite a bit of traveling and have been to several kite shops across the country and this is one of the best. In fact, I am having trouble thinking of a better one. Most kite shops are gift boutiques or toy shops with a couple of kites -- not the case here. There are also some hobby stores that carry a couple of kites. The Kite Stop has some single line kites and amusing toys. From what I could see, the Kite Stop has a worthwhile selection of these, but I walked by these to the stunt kite wall. I was very impressed by the stunt kite selection. 

I am a casual flyer, but I have been doing flying kites since the 1980's. One of the problems that I have is that when I fly, I sometimes get people asking where to get a kite. I now have a solution to that. I enjoyed talking with the owner, John Lutter. John knows kites and I would send anybody there with knowledge that they would get good advice on buying a kite.

If you are anywhere near Titusville stop in. They also have a good website, I went in to just check out the place having discovered that we had a physical kite shop near Cocoa Beach where I go to fly. I walked out with an HQ Limbo 3 stack.

The last thing that I should add is that this is an unsolicited review. My only connection with the business is that I want to see it prosper so that I have a local connection to feed my kite addiction. Think of Imelda Marcos wanting to support her local shoe store.

By John B.

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