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YoYoFactory Loop 900 Yo-Yo (Red)

SKU: YYF-LOOP900-R | Manufacturer: YoYoFactory
Availability: Only 1 in Stock — order now!

Product Description

The Loop900 changes the way all modern yo-yo players will approach the looping style of yo-yoing. No more complicated modifications to your yo-yos, no more intense maintenance schedule, all the Loop900 needs is a little bit of lubrication, a string, and the YYF adjustable ‘key’ does the rest. The secret behind all good looping yo-yos is in the string gap. Too small of a string gap and your yo-yos wont spin long enough and they will loop too low and fast.

Too wide of a string gap and the response system will not work to its full potential, resulting in slippy looping yo-yos. With the Loop900 adjustable key mechanism, you get to decide the string gap with ultimate precision. No matter what string type/length you use, no matter what type of lubrication, no matter what you do to your Loop900’s, you get to choose the setting that works best for you!

SPECIAL NOTE:  The Loop 900 ships with no lubrication in the bearing, YoYoFactory recommends applying lube to your preferred level before play. 

Weight: 51g
Width: 34mm
Diameter: 58.37mm
Gap Width: 2.91mm (Adjustable)
Bearing Size: Bearing A
Response System: Starburst Sticker



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YoYoFactory Loop 900 Yo-Yo (Red)

The Loop900 changes the way all modern yo-yo players will approach the looping style of yo-yoing


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