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YoYoFactory Grind Machine Yo-Yo (Green)

SKU: YYF-GMP-G | Manufacturer: YoYoFactory
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Product Description

Capable of the newest and most advanced yoyo tricks. There is nothing the Grind Machine cannot do in the right hands. Smooth unresponsive play plus a triple bearing "Hubstack" system even allows the Grind Machine to be held while spinning, changing the possibilities of conventional yoyo play.


  • Consistently textured plastic
  • Butterfly Shape
  • Non-responsive
  • Triple Bearing Hubstack System

WARNING: The Grind Machine is "non-responsive" which means that it will not return to your hand unless you can do a "bind".

Product Specifications

Weight: 63.60g
Width: 40.72mm
Diameter: 55.80mm
Gap Width: 3.92mm
Bearing Size: 250x.500x.187in Fixed
Response System: Turning Point K-Pad

Product Video

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YoYoFactory Grind Machine Yo-Yo (Green)

There is nothing the Grind Machine cannot do in the right hands.


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