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Skybond Competition Dual-Line Set (100ft x 175lbs)

SKU: SH S51017D | Manufacturer: Shanti
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Product Description

This new, neon-yellow coating uses a polymer-alloy which bonds to the fibers and protects them from damage, yet remains slippery.

This amazing new coating also allows us to work with some new high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) fibers. “High-modulus” is a comparative term which simply relates to a fiber’s strength-to-weight ratio.  So a “high-modulus” fiber is stronger and lighter than a fiber with a lower modulus rating.  Skybond has the highest modulus rating of any kite line we’ve tested. For example a 100 lb/test Skybond line is thinner than 90 lb/test Spectra, but it’s 10% stronger, and it costs about the same.  That’s a good deal.

Product Specifications

This set comes pre-sleeved and on a "Crazy 8" card winder.

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Skybond Competition Dual-Line Set (100ft x 175lbs)


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