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Large Easy Flyer Delta Kite (Pirate)

SKU: PK 44282 | Manufacturer: Premier Kites
Availability: Out of stock

Product Description

These Large Easy Flyer kites by Premier Kites are easy to assemble and fly great! If you are looking for a hassle-free kite, this is for you. These kites are delta shaped with a tail sewn into the kite for stability. This makes these kites ideal for kids of all ages.


Made of ripstop nylon and fiberglass, these easy flyer kites are very durable. They are packaged in a clear plastic bag and come with 300 ft. of kiteline on a D-handle.


Size: 46in. x 30in.
Wind Range: 5 - 18 MPH
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Fiberglass
Includes: 300 ft. of 30lbs. line

  What our customers say about this product…
  • Pirate Easy Flier

    this is probably the best kite we have ever flown. super easy to get in the sky and stayed up for hours (we tied it to a tree). I highly recommend this for 5 year olds and up

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Large Easy Flyer Delta Kite (Pirate)

These Large Easy Flyers were designed for the flyer who wants zero percent frustration and one hundred percent fun.


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