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HQ Shadow Stunt Kite (Blue)

SKU: HQ 117605 | Manufacturer: HQ Kites
$190.00 $235.00
Availability: Out of stock

Product Description

The Shadow resulted from the collaboration of HQ test pilots Ralf Naujocks and Ralph Joh. The goal was to create a light wind kite that had full freestyle abilities (mastery of all of the old and new tricks while ensuring a high level of precision), and attained the hovering properties of an UL kite.


We think that the Shadow was extremely successful in meeting these goals. With the Shadow, pilots can be ready to work on tricks with even the slightest breeze on a quiet day.


The light weight and elegant appearance of this kite take you away from the daily grind for a while. With an MP3 Player and the right music in your ear, flying the Shadow could become meditation. The construction of the Shadow is very light. It is a kite for advanced pilots and experts.


Wingspan: 81in.
Wind Range: 2-12mph
Sail: Icarex
Frame: Dynamic T12 + carbon 4+5mm
Recommended Line: 100lb. Spectra (LINE NOT SOLD WITH KITE)

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HQ Shadow Stunt Kite (Blue)

The Shadow resulted from the collaboration of our


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