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7ft. Skydog Rokkaku (Dragon)

SKU: SD 16823 | Manufacturer: Sky Dog Kites
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Product Description

Serious kites for serious kitefliers. This 7ft. Rokkaku is a six-sided bowed kite that can be used in kite "battles" in which kitefliers attempt to tip or otherwise disable their opponents kites by bumping into their kite or lines. These kites can be tuned by adjusting the bow-lines on the back of the kite. They can be set to be "unstable" where the kiteflier can manuever, or they can be set very stable and stay in one spot. 

These kites can generate tremendous pull in higher winds, and are suitable for "line laundry" or "Kite Aerial Photography".

Product Specifications

Size: 84 in. X 70 in.
Wind Range: 5 - 20 mph
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Fiberglass
Includes: 300 ft. of Line on Flight Ring with Swivel Clip and Nylon Carrying Case with Handle

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7ft. Skydog Rokkaku (Dragon)


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