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Buyer's Guide : Kites for Fun

If you are looking for something that is a bit more entertaining, you can go with some of the other fun shapes. These kites tend to have a unique look and can sometimes be unpredictable. Often they are based on traditional shapes, but have an added flair.

Box Kites

Box Kites

Also known as "cellular" kites, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are typically very stable. Because of the complexity of setup, I recommend these kites to people that don't mind spending some time setting up a kite. Assembly should be supervised by an adult.

Check out our Box Kite Section

Flying Creature Kites

Flying Creatures

These are unique kite shapes that resemble everything from flying fish, birds and even people. Because of their unique shapes, they may have a unique way of flying. Sometimes these kites can be a handful to assemble, so assembly should be supervised by an adult.

Check out our Flying Creature Kite Section

Ship and Airplane Kites

Ship and Airplane Kites

With multiple sail surfaces, these kites are made to resemble airplanes and ships. They can sometimes be a handful to fly, but really make an impact when flying. Assembly on these kites depends on the complexity of the design and should be supervised by an adult.

Check out our Ship and Airplane Kite Section

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