ALERT: I am currently working full-time on a kite show for Disney's Animal Kingdom, and am currently unable to ship out packages daily. Please be advised that I will only be able to ship out packages one day per week. Communication with me either on Facebook or through Email will also be subject to delays. Sorry for the inconvenience. -- John Lutter, Owner of Kite Stop.

Why you should order your kite from Kite Stop

Ultimately, you have many options on where to buy your kites and skill toys, and I hope that you will consider purchasing from Kite Stop. Here are some of the reasons why I feel that Kite Stop is your best choice.

Providing individual customer service

Kite flying on Cape Canaveral Beach Florida

Helping a child in Dieppe, France build a kite

Individual Attention

Kite Stop is a small business, and I mean REALLY small. This kite and skill toy store based in Titusville, Florida is basically operated by two people, myself (John Lutter) and my son Alex, with the support of my family members when needed. What this means is that when you call or use the online chat system, you are speaking directly to me, not a call center or bank of telephone operators.

Focus on what you need, not what I can sell you

Long ago, I learned that there are retailers that focus only on how much they can sell you, often "up-selling" something that you really don't need. I've taken a different approach. I focus on what YOU need. You may not need an extra set of kite lines or a holder for your yo-yo, and while I can certainly sell those to you, I won't push it on you just for the sake of increasing my sales. My goal is for you to have a pleasant experience, and then share that experience with others around you.

Expert Advice

As a professional kiteflier, and someone that has been flying kites since 1994, I have the expertise to recommend a product that truly fits your individual needs. Sometimes its as simple as recommending a kite or yo-yo for a 6 year old, but sometimes its as complex as recommending what kind of kite will lift a camera 500 feet into the air. Over the years, I've helped thousands of people pick just the right kite or toy for their needs. But don't take my word for it, check out some of Kite Stop's customer testimonials.

Fast Shipping

I stock all the kites and toys sold on this website. So if you see it on Kite Stop, I am able to ship it out to you the same day (if ordered before noon when the mail carrier comes to pick up packages). You also receive a shipping confirmation email when your order ships, along with a tracking number so that you can track where your package is.

Fair Pricing

As a small business that has been around for over 14 years, I am aware that you can probably surf the Internet and find a price that is cheaper. My goal with this company is to have a sustainable business that will be around to support you for years to come. While my pricing is largely determined by the cost and quantities that I order, I also do not chase after discounters that are in it just to make a quick dollar on Amazon or Ebay. I hope that my customers understand that I price products as fairly as possible, and that they respect what I am trying to do as a retailer that truly cares about their customers.

Involvement in the Local and National Kite Communities

I just completed 2.5 years as the President of the American Kitefliers Association, and am active in both the Kite Trade Association and American Specialty Toy Retailer Association. It is my goal to not only grow my own business, but build the kite community so that everyone can enjoy kites as much as I do. This often means that I'm involved in kids kitemaking, kite demonstrations and other outreach programs nationally and around my local area with the Central Florida Kite Club.

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