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Tutorials : Understanding the Wind Window

Wind Window

The wind window is basically a semi-sphere that extends around the front of your body that represents your kites area of flight. This will also be the area in which you want to make sure there are no bystanders. Remember, kites are moving objects, and can really hurt someone if not practiced safely!

If you stand with your back directly against the wind, and the kite straight out in front of you, you will have the most power to your kite (in the power zone as represented in the picture above in green). As you move up and away from the center (yellow area), your kite will lose power and stall in the air.

By forcing your kite to the edge of the wind window (red area), you can safely land your kite and avoid damage.

What is happening to the kite?

Its important to know what is happening with your kite as it moves through the wind window. Its all about the angles!

Wind Window

In the graphic above, you will see that as your kite moves to the left or the right of the center of the wind window, the angle of the kite face changes. This provides less wind to the face of your kite, giving it less power as it flies outside of the wind window.

Wind Pressure on the kite sail

In another view from the top of your kite, you will see that as the angle changes, there is less wind hitting the sail of your kite providing less lift.

A simple way to understand this is to hold your hand up with your back to the wind, then turn. As you turn, you can feel how the wind against your hand lessens as you rotate away from the center. This is the same as what is happening to your kite.

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