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Tutorials : Troubleshooting your Boomerang Throw

Not every throw will be perfect. So here are some tips to see what you may be doing incorrectly.

If the boomerang curves to far in front of you, then turns the opposite way and glides away from you, you may be throwing it too hard. Throw a bit lighter and see if the curve rounds out and comes in closer to your body.

If the boomerang doesn't turn all the way around and come back toward you, you may be throwing it too light. Adjust your throwing speed to adjust.

If the boomerang returns behind you, you may be throwing into the wind. Turn a bit more away from the wind to adjust.

If the boomerang curves and lands in front of you, you may be too far off the wind. Turn more into the wind to adjust.

If the boomerang curves up and lands like an arch in front of you, you may be throwing with too much layover. Bring your arm more toward the 90 degree angle.

If the boomerang swings up and then down during the outbound flight, then seems to elevate during the return flight, you may not be using enough layover. Adjust your arm angle closer to the 45 degree angle.

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