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Tutorials : The Basics of Stunt Kite Flying

Once you've been able to assemble your stunt kite, you'll want to fly it right? Well here are the basics of flying a stunt kite for the first time.

Getting Ready

First of all, stand with your back to the wind, kite sitting on wing-tips with spars facing you. Second, unroll your kite lines all the way (usually 100'). Make sure they are equal length. If not, you will have to trim them and make them equal length, otherwise it will be quite difficult to fly. Even over time, kite lines will tend to stretch and gradually change length. Hopefully you will have learned enough about kiting to feel confident about equalizing your kitelines before that happens.


Pulling evenly with both hands will launch the kite straight up. Pull on the left line will make the kite turn to the left. Pull on the right, kite will turn to the right. Continue to pull and the kite will continue to turn. (Think of it this way, its just like steering a bicycle. Keep your hands like they are on a bicycle handlebar, if you turn the handle bar left the bike will turn left, if you continue to turn the handlebar left, the bike will continue to turn left. The harder the turn, the faster the bike will turn.. same with kites)

The "Wind Window"

You will start to realize that there is a pocket of air around you that the kite flys best in. When the wind is directly at your back, the kite will feel like its pulling its hardest, as you steer toward the right or left, the kite will seem to lose power. You've just experienced the "Wind Window".. The further out to the sides you go, the less wind power you will have in your kite.


Start by just keeping your hands together and try to keep it up in the air. Don't try to do any spins or turns just yet. Get comfortable with keeping the kite with the nose up. Once you feel pretty confident with that, give a TINY tug on your left and right lines just to see what happens. Don't be too aggressive with it at first, you just want to get a feeling of steering the kite. As you get more confortable, you can try to do a spin, pull one of the control lines and hold it while the kite makes a complete circle in the air. Bringing both hands together will stop the turn, and the kite will continue forward in the direction that you stopped pulling. Try to stop the spin with the kites nose pointed UP.


Landing softly is probably the hardest thing you will do today. Try to steer the kite to the side. You will notice that the kite doesn't pull much, and it will start to lose altitude. THATS A GOOD thing.. Let the kite slowly lose altitude until it touches the ground. Thats a landing. If you want to take off again, gently pull the control lines evenly with both hands, and gently steer the kite toward the center again.

Thats the "basics" really. Once you get that down, there are a ton more things for you to learn, but thats the fun of kiting.

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