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Tutorials : Boomerang Basics

Throwing a boomerang can be a fun activity, but its a bit more complicated than just going out to a field and throwing. Here are a few things you need to know before heading out to throw.

Gripping the boomerang

There are basically two ways to grip a boomerang. The "Cradle" or "Pencil" Grip is similar to holding a pencil. With this grip, you hold the arm of the boomerang with your thumb and first finger wrapped around the arm.

The second method is the "Pinch" grip in which you make a fist and tuck the boomerang arm between your thumb and pinch it to your first finger.

Either way is acceptable, so use what works best for you.

Determine the wind direction

Depending on your throwing orientation (whether you are left or right handed) you should face 45 degrees to the direction of the wind. For example, if you are right handed, stand facing the wind, and then turn 45 degrees to your right. A good reminder is that you should feel the wind on the left cheek. (It is the opposite if you are left handed) 

Throwing the boomerang

You should hold the boomerang up above your shoulder in a 90 degree angle (hold the boomerang straight up and down). The "Layover" zone is between this mark and 45 degrees tilted. Optimal throwing position is at approximately 10 degrees. NEVER THROW SIDEARM.

Aiming the boomerang

You should aim at something slightly above the horizon line. Bring the boomerang behind you and snap it forward as if you are throwing a baseball. You can give the boomerang a quick flip with your wrist to give it more spin.

Catching the boomerang

As the boomerang comes around, it will glide toward you at about arm height. Use both hands to close around the boomerang (like a horizontal clap).

Adjusting your throw speed and layover angle

Depending on the wind speed, you may have to adjust your throwing angle and speed of throw to make the boomerang come back directly to you. In a calm wind, use a little more layover angle, the flight of the boomerang will be more elliptical with less wind. With more wind, throw with less power and less layover. The flight will be rounder with more wind.

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