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iFlite UI Indoor Glider Kite (Pink)

SKU: PT 003-P | Manufacturer: Patrick Tan
Availability: Only 4 in Stock — order now!

Product Description

Even lighter than the classic iFlite, the iFlite UI is slow and graceful in flight. Featuring a cutout section on the nose the UI is made of a much lighter material than the iFlite, making it even more appropriate for tight indoor spaces.

The clear sail is extremely thing and light, and the slash of color give it a nice sporty contrast and visibility.

Each iFlite UI includes a micro winder and ultra lightweight line.

The iFlite UI is hand-made by Patrick Tan in Singapore. Each kite is numbered and signed.

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iFlite UI Indoor Glider Kite (Pink)

Even lighter than the iFlite, the UI is slow and graceful in flight.


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