ALERT: I am currently working full-time on a kite show for Disney's Animal Kingdom, and am currently unable to ship out packages daily. Please be advised that I will only be able to ship out packages one day per week. Communication with me either on Facebook or through Email will also be subject to delays. Sorry for the inconvenience. -- John Lutter, Owner of Kite Stop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a physical store?
I get this a lot. I am proud to say that as of December 5th, 2015, I *DO* have a physical store. We are located in Historic Downtown Titusville, FL near the Kennedy Space Center and Orlando.

Are all your items in stock?
I strive to make sure the items shown on the website are available for ordering. I have it set up that if something is out of stock, it doesn't show up on the website. So generally speaking, all of the items you see on the site are "in stock".

That being said, I occasionally make mistakes, and have had instances where I have to backorder something that is ordered. If I happen to sell you something that is backordered, I will send you an email immediately once the error is discovered and either offer you a substitution or will remove the item from your order and refund the charges.

How long do your kites last?
Many customers come to me after purchasing a cheap kite from one of the big box stores that will remain nameless. They are frustrated because the kite only lasted a few outings. The kites I sell are made of rip-stop material and either wooden or fiberglass rods. This makes them much more durable than the plastic kites that are sold at non-kite stores.

Of course, how long they last is dependent upon how well they are treated. If you treat them well, these kites will last for years. Check out a blog post I made on what makes a good kite.

Do you make your own kites?
The kites I sell are manufactured by companies that specialize in kite/toy making. I have made my own kites before, and lets be honest, I think you'd prefer that someone that is a skilled kite maker do the manufacturing of your kite. :)

Do you offer any special discounts?
Occasionally I will run promotions on the website or on our Facebook page, you will just have to keep an eye out for when I do them.

As for regular discounts, I offer a 10% discount for members of the American Kitefliers Association. If you are already a member, you can verify your membership and obtain the AKA promo code.

Do I have to buy line and handles separately?
Generally, no. Most of the kites I sell come complete and ready to fly. Some of the higher end kites do not include line, but that should be clearly marked in the description.

How much is shipping?
Shipping charges are calculated by the United States Postal Service. There is a shipping calculator in the shopping cart that will provide you with an estimated shipping charge based on the number of items in your shopping cart, and your zip code.

How long does it take to get my order?
I try to ship out kites within 24 hours of the order. Shipping times are based on your selected shipping method.Express mailis a next day service (generally).Priority mail is 2-3 days. View our Fast Shipping page to see more details.

Do I have to use your shopping cart to order, or can I call you?
It is preferred that you order using our shopping cart, that way you can ensure that the billing/shipping details are correctly entered. I can certainly take your order over the telephone if you want.

Is your site "secure"?
We use Comodo for our SSL certificate. Our certificate is 2048-bit ready and protects your sensitive information with 128/256 bit encryption. When you are entering your information, please make sure you have a padlock displayed in your browser that signifies that you are on a secured connection. Read our Security Policy for more details

Can you fix my broken/older kite?
I can't promise to fix EVERY instance of a broken/older kite, but I will try to help you find the parts you may need, and repair the kite as close to original as I can. Just be aware that kite companies come and go over time, and sometimes its impossible to get original parts for them.

If I break my kite after I fly it, can I return it?
Sorry, but I can not replace your kite if you happen to break it after flying it. I will do everything in my power to help you get it repaired, but once you take it out of the packaging, I can't be responsible for what happens.

Please refer to the Shipping and Return Policies page for more information. Generally speaking, I will replace the kite if it is damaged during shipping. If there is something defective after you've opened the kite, you will have to contact the manufacturer directly.

Do you do kite shows or kite events?
I work with a company called Kiteman Productions, who have been producing kite shows and events for many, many years. They have the experience and equipment to do just about anything you would want to do. We also work with a variety of kite clubs that can come to your kite event and help produce a great experience for your organization. Please Contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

I have a question that you haven't answered here. What can I do?
That is easy. You can contact me directly via email, phone, or our live support system. I will try my best to answer any of your questions.

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