ALERT: I am currently working on a kite show for Disney's Animal Kingdom, and am in overnight rehearsals until October 1st. Please be advised that I will not be shipping out any orders until opening day. Communication with me either on Facebook or through Email will also be subject to delays. Sorry for the inconvenience. -- John Lutter, Owner of Kite Stop.

Reward Points

Get rewarded for purchasing!

Every purchase earns rewards points. For every 10 dollars spent, you earn 1 reward point. For every 2 points you collect, you earn $1 to spend on your next purchase. For example, if you purchase $100 worth of merchandise, you would earn 10 reward points. This would be worth $5 off your next purchase.

How to redeem your rewards points

In order to redeem your points, you must log into your account. At the bottom of your account screen, there will be a section called "Reward Points". This section will show how many points you have earned, and will allow you to convert your points when you earn 10 points.

Using your credits

Make sure you are logged in, and continue shopping as normal. When you are ready to checkout, go through the normal checkout process. When you confirm and pay, there will be an option to "Pay with Account Balance". Click on this option, and you will be able to use your reward to pay for the order. Any remaining balance will be paid using the credit card you specify.

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