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Viral Kites... How can I get one?

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Facebook and social media are great for sharing pictures and videos of kites. Sometimes a video or photo goes viral, and people become enthralled by an exotic kite and call to see how can they get one. Unfortunately, many of the kites you see online are custom made or are one-of-a-kind works of art... That is what makes them special.

There are a few kites that seem to have blown up the internet recently, and I wanted to give a quick background on those kites, and most importantly, where you can get one (if available).

I will add to this list as new viral kites get published or picked up on social media.

Zimmerman Dragon Kites

This kite is called the Wyverex designed by German kitemaker Rolf Zimmerman. It is really a magnificent kite that measures 9m x 18m and is a proper show kite. These kites are generally made to order from Rolf's shop in Germany and retail for over $6,000 ($5,950 Euros). You can purchase them directly from his website at

A word of caution, these kites are for SERIOUS kitefliers with experience in large show kites.

Bicycle Man Kite

The original kite was designed by a French kite designer named Michel Solin. The video above is of the original version made by Michel and flown at an Italian kite Festival in 2009.

The video that picked up such a viral following erroneously credits a Chinese kite maker as the original designer  : This kite is not commercially available (at this time), and cannot be purchased.

Giant Octopus Kite

This is one of a plethora of giant Octopus kites that are common at many kite festivals around the world. The most well known of these are made by Peter Lynn Kites in New Zealand. They can be purchased through their website at:

The kite video that has made the rounds is a Chinese-made kite flown by a group in Singapore : It is approximately 60m in length, and to my knowledge is not commercially available.

René Maier's Heart Kite

This heart shaped kite was designed by Swiss kite designer René Maier and is NOT commercially available. However, he has made the plans available to kite makers in a variety of languages. While his website is written in German, you can navigate here and perhaps stumble upon the English PDF document that provides instructions.


Starbucks Snowflake Kites

These kites were specifically made for Starbucks, production versions were once made avaliable for the public, but they are no longer commercially made... so if you happen to be the owner of one, you are lucky!




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