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Introduction to Kite Stop

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Hi everybody this is John Lutter with Kite Stop in Historic Downtown Titusville.

I wanted to make this video today to introduce myself and give you a little bit of background about our company.

So I started flying kites around 1994, when I bought my first stunt kite from the sporting goods store at the mall. I learned how to launch it, how to steer it, how to do a few little tricks but I didn't really know a lot about kites. So I found a kite store in Orlando Florida called Krazy Kites. I drove out there, met the owner Randall Lum and he showed me some of the different kites and took me out to a field behind the Mystery Fun House there in Orlando and showed me how to fly some of these kites. Well that was when I really got into kites. I couldn't get enough.

In 1997, I moved to the Washington DC area. This was in the middle of the dot-com boom and since I did websites, it was a perfect time for me to advance my career. So I kind of put kite flying on the back burner. Sure I flew kites every once in a while on the weekends when I could, but my real focus was was on doing my job.

That lasted probably until 9/11 happened in 2001.

That's when I kind of went introspective and decided, you know, I really want to spend more time with my family. What can we do? And kite flying came back into the picture. It was something I could do with my kids. We could go out and spend a day out at the park and have fun as a family.

I started up a website in 2001 called Kite Stop and this is where I posted pictures of us kite flying any of the kite festivals that we went to in the area. I got hooked up with the Wings over Washington Kite Club and would fly you know at least once a month sometimes even more and we had a really great time.

Until 2002, I moved back to Florida and that's when I made Kite Stop an actual business. I filled out all the paperwork with the State of Florida become a an LLC and that's where we started selling kites. I took about a thousand dollars, bought merchandise, put them up online and gradually over time was able to build that into a much bigger business.

In 2004, I met up with a company named Kiteman Productions. They were producing a show at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida where they needed kite fliers, like myself, to ride on the back of a Seadoo and fly kites during a lagoon show. I had a great time doing that and that led to other jobs such as flying around cruise ships, they sent me to Kuwait to fly in the middle of a firework show. Just great opportunities to travel the world and fly kites.

Now the goal was always. in the back of my head, and I think it is with the lot of kite fliers, is to have a brick-and-mortar store.

The idea that you have a place where other kite fliers can come and you can just geek out about kites; the artistry, how to build them how to fly them.

In 2015, I got the opportunity to finally open up my brick-and-mortar kite store. I found a location in my hometown at Titusville Florida and I took the chance. The location wasn't the greatest, the parking situation was bad, there wasn't a lot of foot traffic, but it gave me an opportunity to refine what a kite store should be in my mind.

In November of 2017, we got the opportunity to move to our current location which is in Historic Downtown Titusville. The location is much better, it has a lot more foot traffic and there's occasional street parties where they close the street in front of our store, which really gives us an opportunity to showcase our kites.

Now I plan for this video to be the first of many. I was going to call it originally something cool like behind the counter, view from the other side or something catchy like that but honestly I'm just going to be talking about kites, the kite industry, small business and the challenges that we face or some other kind of kite adventures that I have.

So make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for videos make sure you leave a comment below.

I hope to release a video at least once a week, if not more. Make sure you click on the little bell icon so you can be notified when a new video is posted


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